Pet Games for Boys

Pet games are the latest craze both online and on handheld devices such as Nintendo DS. Many of these games cater more for girls, but there are some out there that have been especially designed for boys. They are made to be challenging and interactive catering for the more competitive spirit of boys. Pet games are a great way for your child to learn about the responsibility of looking after an animal. They are also harmless fun allowing your child to play online without any of the violence or inappropriate material you may not like them to be exposed to.

Online Games
There are virtually thousands of pet games for boys to be found online. It is as simple as searching for a suitable virtual pets game via your favorite search engine. You can then pick a game that appeals to your child. Some of the more popular online sites for boys are Club Penguin, Neopets and Moshi Monsters. These games are designed to allow your child to create and care for their own animal. They can also enter fun challenges and competitions. These sites allow for children to interact with others over the internet within a safe environment and all have parent information and safety rules. There are also other sites that have a variety of pet games for boys such as mystery solving, mazes and battles.

Handheld Games
There are a variety of pet games that can be brought for handheld devices such as Nintendo DS. Some of the more popular pet games for boys on the DS are Animal Crossing, Ninetendogs and the GoPets range. These all allow the player to look after an animal and take them through training and challenges. Whilst these can be networked with other DS consoles there are not online games so they offer the security of knowing that you child is not interacting with strangers. Boys also like the Pokémon games that are a slightly different version of pet games. These involve training the different creatures and then battling them against stronger and more skilled trainers at each level. Various versions of Pokémon can be obtained for the DS at reasonable prices. Boys will loves these games as it will challenges them mentally as the levels get progressively harder. They will also enjoy the competitive challenge of the game.

Pet games are a great way to engage your child safely with electronic media. They can play either online or via a handheld device. It is always best, as a parent, to check out the appropriateness of different games and sites before allowing your child to play. It may also be a great opportunity to bond with your child by taking part in the game alongside them.