Animal Breeding Games

Virtual animal games are a fantastic way to teach children the responsibilities that come with owning a pet. They are also a great chance to explore the questions that children have about baby animals and traits that animals have such as color and hair length. Animal breeding games can be a safe and positive way for children to learning about and experience owning pets.

Where to Find Animal Breeding Games
As with most other virtual pet games it is relatively simple to find an animal breeding game online. The first step is to type in what you are looking for in a search engine. You will next need to screen the results. As you have included the word breeding your screening process will need to be stringent as there are some very inappropriate games out there. Once you have found a game that you like you can show your child how it works. Playing for a while together will give you a chance to answer any questions your child may have about the game. One game online that is particularly good for learning about genetics and personal traits is “Dog Breeding” from the PBS kid’s site. This game is designed for children so eliminates some of those inappropriate inclusions in breeding.

Animal breeding games can also be brought for the Nintendo DS. Games such as the Petz series of games and Viva Piñata allow for players to breed new types of animals. Viva Piñata can also be obtained for the Xbox 360. The animals produce more of the same kind after “romancing” which consists of a silly dance, nothing too detailed.

The Positives of Animal Breeding Games

  • There are some real positives to allowing your children to interact with animal breeding games.
  • They can be highly educational as they can teach children about genes and genetics. They can also teach children about breeding animals for sale and shows
  • They develop skills in how to look after animals of different ages. Older animals do not need as much care as young ones.
  • Animal breeding games can help teach your child about different types and breeds of animals and what they look like.
  • Allow children to have the experience of raising, training and looking after multiple pets without a strain on the budget.

Some Things to Look Out For
You need to be careful with online games. Many are very inappropriate and are designed for older players. You are best to carefully screen games before allowing your child access to them. A lot of online games have a social networking element to them. This allows your child to interact with other people that are online. It is always best to teach children about internet safety. It may be best to discuss some aspects of breeding with your child before allowing them to play animal breeding games. If they know that they can ask you questions and talk with you about things they are less likely to hide what they are playing.