Virtual Dogs and Puppies

Virtual dog and puppy games are a lot of fun for people of all ages. Adults and children alike will enjoy creating and looking after their own virtual puppy. All you have to do is choose the type of dog breed you want and then play with it online or on a program downloaded straight to your computer- it’s as easy as that.

Each different virtual dog and puppy game will have a slightly different control system. You may be required to do such tasks as feeding the puppy, teaching it tricks (such as how to sit down on command and how to fetch a virtual ball) and entering you dog into competitions. Some sites even allow you to run your own boarding kennels or dog competitions. You will earn points or virtual ‘money’ to spend on looking after your dog!

Most of the quality games or sites allow you to create a virtual pet from scratch. You can choose the name, breed of dog as well as its physical characteristics. This makes the animal truly your own and is a great way to learn about caring for an animal. Many parents now use this type of game as a tool to teach their children about the many responsibilities of caring for an animal.

To find a virtual dog or puppy game the best thing to do is search for one on a search engine. There are many different games so make sure you pick the one that you think you will enjoy the best. Ensure the site you are using is reputable before giving away your personal information or downloading anything.