Pet Games for Girls

Online, interactive and electronic games are very popular today with children aged 3 to 103. While most boys prefer to play action games that have a competitive edge, girls are more likely to enjoy games that utilize their caring and organizational skills. That is why pet games are so popular with girls.

Pet games for girls are available in a variety of different mediums from online virtual pet gaming to Hand held console gaming. Girls enjoy games in which they can make a virtual pet, and then train and look after it. Online virtual pets allow girls to indulge their creative skills and create new and unique pets that they can look after and develop. They are able to help their pets to grow and learn and most girls find this a more satisfying challenge than other types of gaming. Girls also enjoy the social aspect of online pet games as they can share their pets with their friends and family. They are also able to meet new people and create new friendships through their virtual pets. Online games also allow for girls to own pets they may otherwise not have the chance to own. Many girls show a keen interest in horses and online pet games for girls allow them to own and train their own horses and ponies. Another type of virtual game that girls will enjoy is virtual baby creators. The player can adopt and name a baby and help the baby to grow and learn new skills. In general girls enjoy looking after babies thus the popularity of such types of gaming.

Another popular form of pet games for girls are those that are played using a hand held console such as Nintendo DS. Games such as Animal Crossing, Animal Planet, Catz, Dogz and Nintedogs are all popular amongst girls that enjoy pet games. They allow for girls to exercise their caring nature. Many of these games encourage the player to create, care and train an animal of their choice. This is excellent practice if you are considering getting a real pet. Some of these games require that you develop skills and advance through levels. Girls enjoy the challenge of training an animal to respond to their commands. They also enjoy the social aspect of being able to share their pet with friends via the wireless connection.

So if you are looking for a sure fire way to entertain a young girl you can’t go past a virtual pet game. Nothing beats creating, training and looking after a pet.