Monster Pet Games

While it is really cool to own your own virtual pet it is even cooler to own your own virtual monster! Owning a monster is something that you will never be able to do in real life, but virtual monster pet games have made it possible for you to own, train and battle your own monsters online or via Bluetooth connections. There are a huge variety of monster pet games to choose from including free online pet sites and hand held console games such as those designed for the Nintendo DS.

Online Monster Pet Games
There are some great sites online that cater for those looking to own their own virtual monsters. One of the most popular sites is Moshi Monsters. This is a free online site that allows you to adopt your own Moshi monster and play online games with your other monster friends. It is designed to be a safe, interactive and fun site where young people can play online without the additional threats the internet brings. It can also be easily monitored by parents, so this would be a great site to start on if your parents are worried about your internet usage. Another very popular site is Neopets. Here you can create and adopt a range of imaginary monster pets. The variety of games and extras on this free site are staggering. You can train your monster for shows or battle other monsters in the arena, the choice is yours. This is another fairly safe site as it is carefully moderated by a team of moderators and it always has safety messages displayed about proper internet usage.

Nintendo DS Monster Pet Games
Nintendo has created a variety of monster pet games for the DS. Some of the more popular monster pet games are the Pokémon and Digimon series. In these games you capture a train various monsters to battle. The more battles you win the higher you advance in the game. The role play in these games is really good and they receive high ratings when reviewed. Which is the best, Digimon or Pokémon? Only you can tell. To find out you will need to play. Some of the other popular monster pet games include Monster Rancher and Monster Tale. This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are other monster games available on the DS. Monster Ranchers is similar to the Pokémon series, but instead of focusing on the battle aspect it focused on the raising and training side. This is a great game if you enjoy these aspects of Pokémon. Monster Tale is a relatively new release from Nintendo. This game involved not only looking after and training a monster, but is also an RPG with a human character named Ellie. Ellie and her pet monster must save the other monsters in monster land from other kids that are abusing them. This is a cool game to get into if you like RPG’s.

Whether you own a Nintendo DS or you want to play online there are so many monster pet games available for your use. It is a great idea to try out a few and find the game that best suits your needs.