Cyber Pets: Online Virtual Pets

For various reasons many people do not have the opportunity to own a real pet. This may be because they live in a rented apartment or they do not have the money needed to properly look after a pet. Cyber pets are a great way for these people to experience the joys of owning their own pet.

There are a huge number of online sites that cater for people that are looking for the virtual pet experience. Some of the bigger sites like Neopets allow you to create your own pet from scratch. You can choose the color, style, and personality of the pet you wish to look after. You can also name and train your animal. Once you create your own virtual pet you then look after it as you would a real pet. You feed it, walk it, toilet train it and the list continues. Some sites allow your pet to get a job and earn points that enable you to buy items, games and other online services. Sites also often run competitions that you can enter your pet in such as best trained, most popular, most unusual etc. Owning a virtual pet is also a great way to socially connect with others as most virtual pets sites offer group games and meeting places where you can interact with other owners and their pets. Some sites also allow your pet to have their own blog where you can write about the activities that your pet has been up to.

Cyber pets can be as real or as imaginary as you like. You can own a puppy or cat that looks like a 3D computer animated version of the animal. You can also be very creative and own a dragon or a unicorn. There are no limits to the type of animal you can own and train. If you like the idea of adopting a pet rather than creating your own then nearly all online cyber pet sites offer this option.

Some of the advantages of owning a cyber pet over a real pet are that once you turn off the computer your pet is gone. This is very advantageous if you are going on a holiday as you don’t have to arrange for someone to take care of your animal. If you have a young child who loses interest quickly this could be a great way to get them passed wanting a pet. They can create a virtual pet, look after it until they are satisfied and then can simply stop using the program and the cyber pet will be adopted by someone else. Another advantage is that most virtual pet sites are free of charge meaning that owning a pet does not require any money, other than that which you are paying for your internet connection.

Anyway you look at it cyber pets are a great way to experience owning a pet. You get all the benefits of having an animal to care for and look after without the cost and extra space that is usually required for a real pet.